Tetrahedral mesh generator

In 2015-2016 our team (then known as EST-Engineering Simulation Tools, s.r.o.) developed a hight quality tetrahedral mesh generator for AutoForm Development GmbH (thought the intermediary of CES-Eckard GmbH).

The 3D domain to mesh is bounded by triangular surface mesh. This surface mesh has to be preserved in the resulting tetrahedral mesh. The maximum mesh step size is defined for the whole domain and may be redefined In some internal subdomains. The algorithm of this tetrahedral mesh generator is Delaunay-based. Mesh quality improvements are made by constrained Delaunay refinement algorithm, flipping, removing bad elements, and smoothing procedures.

Tetrahedral mesh generator has been written in C++ and was provided to Autoform Development GmbH as a 64-bit DLL for Windows and a shared object ( .so ) for Linux.
This library is utilized in AutoForm Plus R7 .
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